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Creativity that can be extended freely.

The fun of creating ideas will live in a variety of fields in the future.

Learn with active designers

One-on-one lesson

Even though you may never become an artist,

learning how to draw in your early years is one of the most valuable skills that a person could have,

and it can be useful in various situations.”


We teach how to choose a theme, drawing techniques, colouring, and to freely draw whatever you feel like drawing.


Are you interested in drawing with us?

Being interested in art will make you think in a more creative way and it will help you in many aspects of you life.


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Reservation open for next month,

Notification of cancellation etc.

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Flexible schedule system

Even for children who are busy studying or studying every day,

For adults who are busy with work,

Have a good time.

you can make an appointment

whenever you want.

Private lessons

Up to 2 students are taken care

per teacher.

While sandwiching a pleasant chat

Each student had their own pace

How to proceed, work together

I will finish it.



Designer teacher

Guidance falls teacher, active duty

graphic designer.

What is a school or other painting class?

A different kind of instruction

You can enjoy it.



Child painting class

(Details / Gallery)

First, let's have fun!

With various tools

I draw pictures and make things.


Adult painting class

(Details / Gallery)

For those who want to learn the basics firmly.

Pencil and watercolor

Do croquis and drawings.


Start date and time

* Complete reservation system *

Mon-Fri 16: 30-19: 10-Both classrooms (last reservation 18:00)

Sat ( 2nd and 3rd ) 11: 00-19: 10- Children's classroom

Sat ( 1st and 4th ) 11: 00-19: 10- Adult classroom

★ It may be closed without notice during the busy season.


Children's painting class 1 class ¥ 2,000 (tax included, painting materials included, 70 minutes class)

Adult painting class 1 class ¥ 3,500 (tax included, painting materials included, 70 minutes class)

The fee is not a monthly fee, but is paid each time.

* Currently, credit card payment is not possible (system will be introduced soon)

* I would appreciate it if you try not to change as much as possible.


!!Cancellations can be made by emailing or calling one day in advance.

Cancellation is free, but cancellation is not welcome.

I know that there are various circumstances, but cancellation is free of charge as a consideration for the ever-changing physical condition of the child, such as "I got a sudden fever". However, once a reservation is made, the staff prepares for the main business in order to secure that time, so if there are many uncertain factors in the schedule, do not "set up". We would appreciate it if you could forgo the reservation.



KS-3 building 1F 2F, 1-9-2 Eitai Koto City Tokyo


starterset のコピー.jpg

Chalk art starter set

5,500 yen (tax included) when purchased in class

Come and enjoy the chalk art that you are familiar with in the painting class at home.

(1) 2.5mm thick MDF board with no distortion

(2) The pastel bites well and the color is vivid.

③ Easy to use A4 size (21 cm x 29.7 cm)

Affordable price that even beginners can easily try



If you have a question or you need an observation, please contact us from the form blow.

We will get back to you within 3 business days. In case if the message is not delivered, please contact us by email or call.

Tel: 0120-095-905

Tel: 03-5809-8024


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