Teacher introduction

The teacher who teaches is an active graphic designer.

You can enjoy teaching that is different from school and other painting classes.

Teacher Natsumi

A designer who graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design.

Take responsibility for the project

A young leader who advances .

Many of the designs that come out from a gentle manner are finely decided, so the point is

You can receive the guidance you hold.

Teacher Sakuma

Graduated from Chiba Designer Academy.

Among the staff who are not good at morning, the hard worker who comes to work earliest. I am good at drawing loose illustrations and anime characters. With round eyes loved by everyone, I will continue to teach vigorously today.

Teacher Abe

A Kyushu boy who graduated from Arts and Culture Junior College. I like the beauty of cleaning the PC display every day. With a well-passed voice, he will carefully teach you how to handle any painting material. I specialize in oil painting, so if you want to know more, please let me know.

Teacher Okunishi 

Graduated from Musashino Art University.

He has experience working in museums and has a deep knowledge of art itself. I will be showing up in both adult and children classes, so I look forward to working with you. With a gentle and quiet teaching method, it is already gaining popularity.

Teacher Otaki
Teacher Sato


Teacher Okunishi 


He graduated from Kyoto Institute of Technology. After working as a music staff, he became a Graphic Designer and established design studios “Thousand Design Inc.” in 2009 and “Dream Design Inc.” in 2011. Small number of professional designers work at these companies always design under the motto “designers meet customers.”